What do Mondays, football and sales have in common?

If you’re thinking Monday Night Football, sorry that’s not it.  Here’s what I think they have in common.  It’s the importance of starting the game right.

In football it means the opening series. In sales it means Monday.

Any football coach knows the importance of having a well planned opening series of plays.  The reason is simple — they want their team to establish momentum, and with proper execution, put points on the board.

Top salespeople take the same approach to how they view Mondays.

They know the importance of starting the week off right by making the first day of the week as productive as possible.   For some salespeople this might mean having calls already on the calendar for Monday.   Some might use Monday to close pending sales or finalize the details on orders placed the week before.

In each of these cases, it’s a positive activity and that’s my point.  Make Mondays work for you.

It’s amazing the number of salespeople who do not set their Mondays up to win.   Far too many salespeople use Mondays to organize themselves and plan the week.   My fear is for too many salespeople, this puts them into nothing more than a stall mode — which allows for negative ideas to enter their mind.

The other thing this does is it uses up 20% of the workweek.

Let’s put this back into the context of a football game.  If coaches took the same approach as many salespeople, then you’d see nothing happen for the 1st half of the 1st quarter.   I’m sorry but I couldn’t imagine any football coach doing that.

Set your Monday up to win. Use it as a way to propel you to even more success the rest of the week.

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