It’s the time of year when companies put on full-day or multi-day sales meetings and everyone jumps in to help make it a huge event. This is all great except for one thing: there is so much time and effort put into the big annual meeting that nobody pays attention to the weekly sales team meeting.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. This is the weekly snooze-fest many sales managers have for the sake of keeping their managers happy. Trust me, I remember all too well forcing myself to stay awake during pain-filled meetings when I was a sales representative. The only good thing that came out of those boring meetings is I learned to drink coffee. Can you relate? Now, let’s get serious.  Are you a sales manager whose salespeople dread attending your meetings?

There is no reason why the weekly sales meeting can’t be beneficial for everyone and there is no reason why they can’t be brief. If the meeting is only for the benefit of management, something is wrong. If the meeting drags on and is nothing more than updates, something is wrong. Salespeople are only making money for themselves and their company when they’re with customers.

One year ago, I was with a sales manager who claimed his meetings were only 90 minutes long and a huge benefit to the team. These comments were misguided, because I did not hear the same thing from the sales team. The team said the meetings were pain-filled because they were nothing but the sales manager droning on about what they didn’t do the week before. As for the length of the meetings, they rarely went longer than 90 minutes. But in reality, they killed a half-day. Each person spent, on average, two hours in travel time getting to the office. Additionally, they had to update numbers before the meeting and provide the manager with follow-up info after each meeting. Two salespeople said that they have to block out 6 hours to be safe! Add all this up, and it was clear why they had tons of turnover and far too many salespeople missing their quotas.

To help end the madness, I’ve put together an E-book that outlines 10 things you can do quickly and easily to have a great sales meeting. The sales manager mentioned above began implementing the 10 things, and I’m pleased to say he’s lowered his turnover, and he just finished the quarter with 7 of his 9 salespeople meeting their quotas.

Here’s the link to download the E-book. For your benefit and the sake of the sales team you lead, download it now! Once you begin putting the steps into practice, I’d love to know your results. I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same results as this other sales manager, but maybe you will wind up with even better ones!

Let’s make this year the best it can be by starting to up your game with better sales meetings!

If you are having a sales kick-off meeting, let’s talk!  I would love to help get things rolling. My keynote and training session based upon my book, High-Profit Prospecting, continues to be a huge success.

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