When was the last time you did a deep dive to really determine why your customers choose to do business with you?

We’d all like to think we have customers who are incredibly loyal to us because of how good we are, but is that really the case?

When we have a customer agree to do business with us only when we agree to a price discount, what are they saying? The answer is simple — they don’t see enough value in what we have to offer relative to the price point.

Let’s run deeper on how much of our value is wrapped up in what we would refer to as sales leadership.

Yes, I’m asking a lot of questions. It’s all for a reason — to get us focused on what truly matters to our customers. If a customer doesn’t value the leadership we bring, then we have to question what else do they not value.

Customers you attract on price will leave you as soon as they find a lower price. Conversely, customers you attract based on your sales leadership with them will stay with you as long as they continue to see you exhibiting leadership.

I’ll take the leadership-focused customer any time over the price-focused one.  We can’t under value our leadership. Our role is to do everything possible to increase our customers seeing us as willing to engage them in tough, thought-provoking discussions.

By bringing to our customers insights and ideas they haven’t considered before, we are demonstrating genuine leadership. Our role as a sales leader is to be a leader in every way with our customers.

Back to the original question. How many of your customers value your leadership? Whatever the number is, your goal needs to be one thing: Increasing in every manner possible the level of leadership they see from you.

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