Sales leadership is all about taking control and being responsible. In fact, this is a key component of sales motivation. I find the banter about how the federal government can’t seem to get anything right quite stupid. Why are we blaming everyone in Congress, President Obama and other government leaders for our problems?

Leaders don’t pass blame. They realize things will not go as planned and move on. Now this is not directed at those in Washington; rather this is directed at each of us. We the citizens of this great country must not continuously expect others to do for us what we need to be doing and can be doing for ourselves. It’s our responsibility. This is what I tell salespeople — in order to make it to the top, a salesperson must be a leader. And one of the first things about being a leader is not passing the buck or accusing others of not doing things. Leaders take control of what they can and deal with it accordingly.

In my view, it’s not that we have a failure of leadership in government. We have a failure of leadership in our citizenship. For those of you reading this outside of the United States, I ask you to look at this in the context of your own country. In every case, it is leadership that makes a difference and when we as a citizen or as a salesperson fail to accept responsibility, then we are only contributing to the problem. Sales is leadership and leadership is sales. When we lead, we are putting into practice our sales motivation. What are you doing to lead?

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