Sales is all about influencing and impacting others. Sales leaders do it effortlessly and not just when they’re selling, but also in every situation.  A key reason sales leaders do this is because they don’t view what they do as a job, but rather as a lifestyle.

How much of an impact do you make on others? Would you classify it as significant or merely average?  You ask what’s the difference and I’ll sum it up as significant is something that creates immediate or lasting change. Average, on the other hand, is just that— average.

With that brief definition in mind, where do you see yourself falling? Are you closer to average or significant? We don’t need anymore average salespeople. We need more significant sales leaders. The world is crying out for you, the significant sales leader.

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In business nothing happens until something is sold, and nothing is sold until somebody prospects. The only way this is going to happen in the crazy competitive environment we’re in is if you’re making a significant impact in everything you do.

This next week, your goal is to be intentional. Be a force and most of all be significant. When you’re seen by others as significant, I can guarantee you will find yourself challenging yourself to be even more significant.

Success does not happen by chance.  It’s a result of deliberate actions taken by people who are focused on being seen as significant by those they help. They’re seen as significant not out of price or arrogance, but rather they’re seen that way because of the significant value they place in others.

Being seen as a leader who has significant influence and impact on others is a mission you can’t afford to not be on.

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