Do you have a tendency to make sales complex?

Some salespeople may want to overthink things, but sales is not rocket science. 

It’s time we back off and realize what sales is: a conversation between two people.

Sales is not convoluted.

Many of you as salespeople go out and buy every new sales tool imaginable. You think for some reason this is the solution, the holy grail that’s going to make everything work for you. 

Or perhaps you also go out on social media and you post, and you post and you post. You’re on every social platform, and for some reason you think that if you just post enough people will beat a path to your door. Let me tell you something, that’s not the case


Sales is about listening to the customer. 

I want you to do an exercise right now. Ask yourself: How much time do you spend each week actually conversing with customers? Whether it be a Teams call, Zoom, face-to-face, or phone call, whatever, or you’re actively engaged in email or something of that nature. 

How about comparing that with: how much time do you think you spend selling? 

What’s very interesting is I’ve had a chance to work with hundreds of companies and I ask salespeople this question. Routinely when I ask them upfront, and then we go through and examine, they overstate it. They overstate the amount of time they’re actively engaged with customers by 300%. Yes, 300%.

Your two assets: your time and your mind.

We have become so caught up in the process that we have forgotten what sales really is. As a salesperson, your two greatest assets are your mind and your time. Don’t spend countless hours chasing all kinds of shiny objects to hopefully get the solution that you were looking for. You won’t find it there. 

Success comes down to two things: your time and your mind.

Read more about how to maximize these two assets here.

It’s time we simplify the sales process. I want you to look at these four very simple things:

1. Identify your solution. 

What’s the benefit you provide? What’s the outcome that customers gain from buying from you? 

2. Focus on your ICP.

Who are those best customers? Who fits that profile? That solution—or outcome—only works for your ideal customer profile. 

It’s not the Southern Hemisphere, the Northern Hemisphere, nor all of Asia—it’s just your very specific type of customer. 

3. It’s about having conversations. 

It would be extremely difficult for you to find the right solution for your prospect without talking to them. Through conversations you create opportunities for you and for your customer. 

Ever struggle to keep the conversation going? Ask more questions. Ask better questions. Prepare questions ahead of time!

4. Focus on listening and following up. 

Follow-up is so essential, because the sale happens in the follow-up. 

In fact, I think following up is so important, I created an entire Following Up Masterclass to show you how. Find it here and enroll today!

That’s it. That’s all sales is. 

This is one of the reasons why I created the Sales Logic System

It’s a three-step process. It’s even simpler than what I just laid out here. The Sales Logic System puts you back in control. I’m rolling this out on May 24th with my business partner, Meredith Elliot Powell, and I want you to join us

Whether you join us online or in person, it’s about helping you achieve the level of success you’re capable of—not through the shiny objects—but through your time and your mind.

You don’t want to miss this! Grab your spot now!

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