Although, it’s never been said to you, wouldn’t it be great to hear it? In reality, a price can never be too high. It only becomes that way when we haven’t taken the time to listen to the customer to allow the real benefits of the sales to come through. Remember—there is no such thing as “too expensive”. There is only the belief that the potential gain from something is not worth its cost. This principle explains why one person might be willing to pay only $10,000 for a car while another person sees its value at $100,000. Both cars supply transportation, yet the cars vary dramatically in value because they vary dramatically in terms of perceived benefit. Next time you’re about to buy or sell something, think in terms of the benefits the customer will gain and not in terms of the price you’re asking. When it comes right down to it, nothing can ever be too expensive. It can only lack sufficient benefits to warrant the price.

It might be worth your while to explore all the potential benefits your product or service could bring to your customers. If your goal is to communicate value, you need to have in your arsenal ideas that the customer might not have already considered. Remember, a benefit to one may not be a benefit to another, so by preparing your thoughts ahead of time, you will be able to sound like the professional that you are, rather than stumbling for your words. You are always part of the “value” equation.

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