This past Monday in the US, we celebrated Memorial Day. As usual, I was amazed at the number of salespeople that decided to call it quits early on Friday and were late to get going Tuesday morning after the holiday. If you think you are a top salesperson, then how can you even consider thinking about knocking off early or starting late? Unfortunately, many salespeople subscribe to the theory that there isn’t any business around a holiday so you might as well take some time off. If you are one of them, you’re missing the point. There is always opportunity to grab new customers who may very well have been loyal to someone else. The easiest way to do it is by being able to serve them when your competitor can’t. If you are available when your competitor chooses to not be, the business is yours. In the US and in most other countries, there a several more holidays to come over the next few months. Don’t miss the opportunity to steal customers from your competition. Your new customers will thank you!

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