China is clearly the world’s largest marketplace and currently the 3rd largest economy from a GDP perspective. In September, I’ll be speaking to nearly 2,000 Chinese business people in Guangzhou and Shanghai. This 9-day trip is being put on by Global True North, a consulting group which works to bring US and Chinese business people together. Five US corporations are being invited to join us on this trip. The companies traveling with us will have the opportunity to dialogue with key Chinese business people.

I’d like to invite you to drop me an email (Mark@TheSalesHunter.com) if you’re interested in being part of this huge business opportunity. I’ll be sharing more about this in the weeks to come, however because of the lead-time necessary to secure a Visa, we will need to finalize our travel list very shortly. We will leave Sept. 2 and return to the US on Sept. 13.

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