We all want to think we’re smart.

And in reality, we are pretty smart, especially about what we sell.  Problem is that many times, our own smarts wind up doing some pretty stupid stuff.

Case in point is when the customer with whom we are dealing seems to be a little confused and possibly appears to want everything.

In our excitement and desire to close the sale, we mistake their desire to have everything as a reason to put everything on the table. We do this by throwing out all kinds of information about what it is we sell — and then we even go so far as to try to get the customer to buy everything in one transaction.

Typically the only thing that comes out of something like this is a customer who is even more confused.

The reason for their confusion is simple. They don’t know as much about what it is we’re selling as we do.  Yet, for some stupid reason whenever we get close to making a sale, we suddenly start assuming the customer is going to become brilliant.

When we put an offer on the table that consists of everything, typically the way the customer shows they are smart is by saying “no.”   They say “no” to us not because they don’t want what we’re providing, but because we’ve put so much in front of them that they can’t make up their mind.

We need to quit confusing the customer. We need to hold back on some of the items or services we offer until we know the customer has expressed a direct need as to why these particular benefits would make sense for them.  We do ourselves and our customers a favor when we simplify the buying process.

We’ve got to keep it simple.

Just so we are clear, I’m not saying to walk away from a larger sale.  Not at all. What I’m saying is if the customer can’t process what it is we’re showing them, then showing them a lot more is only going to hurt the chances of closing any sale.

Wait for the customer to express their needs, which you will uncover through effective questioning and listening. Explain the benefits that match those needs.

Then you can begin to move forward one product or service at a time, making sure the customer understands clearly everything along the way.

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