It’s the start of the new year! The number one question I get hit with this time of year is: what do I need to do differently related to prospecting?

Watch this video I made a couple months back about why most prospecting efforts fail:



The vast majority of prospecting efforts fail due to a lack of consistency in communicating a beneficial message to targeted prospects. There you go- that’s it! Go ahead and nail what I just said, and all of your prospecting problems will go away. Ok, I wish it were that easy. Ha! If it were, I would be out of a job. The trick is not in knowing what to do but in actually doing it and doing it right.

I want you to get very specific in 2020 with the three things I described above. Here are my thoughts:

1. When it comes to prospecting, be brutal with your time and your follow-up process.

2. Know exactly who your perfect prospect is and where you can find them.

3. Know exactly what’s most important to say to your perfect prospect in order for them to understand why they need to buy from you.

In the coming weeks, I’ll break these down and share specific insights that you can use to make 2020 all it can be. Last year has passed and all of its results, whether good or bad, are now historical numbers. You can’t live on them nor can you trade them in for cash. They’re history. Now it’s just about what you will do this year.

I want to invite you to do one of two things, depending on your role. If you’re a solo-salesperson, check out my coaching program. If you’re a sales leader, give me a call now so I can make arrangements to be at your next sales meeting. The main reason why I do a lot of sales kick-off meetings every year is because I consistently deliver results.

Call me at 402-445-2110. Let’s talk, and get things set up ASAP. You cannot afford to lose out on having your best sales kickoff meeting. Missing your annual number is not an option!

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