How are you doing with your 2020 goals? If you’re like the majority, setting goals includes a plan to work more hours. Achieving your goals doesn’t have to include more work. It’s simply about working more efficiently within the hours you have. Take a look at your day, and see if there are 20 minutes wasted on any number of things. It might look like browsing websites, reading emails that don’t pertain to you or discussing lunch plans with people. You get the idea – there are a variety of things you could easily cut out and free up some time. If you cut out 20 minutes of “stupid stuff” each day, you would gain 100 minutes per week. Multiply that over a year, and you’ll get two extra weeks. Think about all of the objectives you haven’t been able to reach because you didn’t have enough time. Think about what you could get done with a whole two extra weeks in the year. The opportunities are endless! It all comes down to one thing: using your time more effectively.

So, how will you use your extra 20 minutes each day? If you spent the 20 minutes prospecting or talking with high opportunity customers, imagine the additional sales you could close. When salespeople tell me they don’t have enough time to prospect or give some other lame excuse about why they didn’t make their number, I can’t help but question how they’re using their time. Most likely, time is being wasted. Yes, there are a lot of things you can’t control. However, one thing you can control is your time. And sure, there are plenty of things you have to do, but don’t think all of those things occupy 100% of your day. Just 20 minutes a day IS your secret sauce to giving you more time to sell.

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