There are three big reasons why most salespeople fail to prospect.  Ask yourself if this is you:

  • You dread prospecting and will make sure you’re occupied dealing with other things to keep you from having to prospect.
  • You expect others in your organization to prospect and deliver qualified leads.
  • You talk about prospecting but never do it because of other priorities (excuses).

These three excuses simply do not enter into the mind of a top performer.  Top performing salespeople don’t view prospecting as an afterthought. They view it as a service in helping others.   You see, the mind of a top performer doesn’t see prospecting as an activity, but rather as a lifestyle.  They see it as the first step in allowing them to help others.  They know what they do helps others and they embrace talking to prospects. Yes, even interrupting them when they weren’t expecting a call.

Check out this 97 second video about prospecting and top performers…

Top performers know a sale will never happen unless someone finds a qualified prospect, and they know there is nobody better to do it than them.   This is why they schedule prospecting time in their day.  They know unless they schedule the time they most likely will never get to it.   Think of this as not being much different than working out at the gym.  Unless you schedule time to go to the gym and make it part of your day, you won’t do it.

Average salespeople view prospecting as purely numbers; the number of calls to make or conversations to have or whatever other number they’re charged with achieving.  Top performers view it as being part of their mission to help others.  This week, look at prospecting as part of your mission to help others.  View it not as an activity, but as a key element of your lifestyle.

Sales is the greatest profession in the world for one simple reason— it’s about helping others.   When you believe you can help others, you want to tell others.  When you find a great restaurant you don’t hesitate to tell others.    You’re waiting in line to get into a movie and you suddenly find yourself telling strangers around you about another great movie they should see.   In both cases you know what you’re doing. You’re selling and we might even say prospecting.

Believe in the outcome you provide.  Make prospecting part of your lifestyle and you too may soon find yourself being a top performer.

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