To stay motivated in sales, you have to avoid allowing yourself to get caught up in everything that’s wrong.  I keep hearing how oil is escalating to $200 a barrel.  One commentary said, “We’re clearly running out and it will hit $500 in a couple of years.”   Chill out folks!  The last thing anyone in sales needs to do is participate in “the sky is falling” talk.   It reminds me of when we heard that housing prices could do nothing but keep going up and any company doing anything on the Internet was pure gold.  It’s called a “bubble” and they all pop, no exceptions! 

Never believe that any current situation you’re in is going to last forever.  Sure, things do change, but they rarely stay changed in dramatic swings.  All things shall pass in time.  Keep your head up, be focused on your customers, and you’ll be just fine.  Your level of sales motivation should be controlled by you.  Don’t allow it to be controlled by anyone or anything else.

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