Always start off a sales call by covering three things. First, ensure the person has a clear understanding of the amount of time the call will take. Second, make sure the customer knows what the objective of the call is. And, third, connect the reason for the current sales call to a previous one you had or to information you may have recently sent. This communicates that you’re knowledgeable of them and their company, that you respect their time, and that whatever is decided in this current meeting will be acted upon by you.

Especially with the current state of the economy and the heightened competition for deals, it’s important that you are very prepared before making any sales call. Doing so communicates the value you can offer to the company you are calling. You show that you’ve done your homework ahead of time, thus not wasting theirs. You demonstrate that you are purposeful, knowledgeable, and efficient. Saving time is a priority to many people today, so take a few minutes before each sales call to get your act together.

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