Who are the friends you’re hanging out with?

Remember when your mom told you as a kid, “Be careful who you hang out with at school.” I used to get so angry at my mom for telling me who to hang out with and who not to.  And yet, it really stuck with me, and still does as an adult when I evaluate my relationships.

You may have heard, ‘We become the average of the five people we spend the most time with.’ 

It’s amazing how the people you hang out with influence your ideas. 

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Of course, we see this in the political realm and in so many societal norms. But we see it in business, too. It affects how we make decisions and how we process things. 

Isn’t it amazing how certain people in a certain company can achieve incredible greatness? Make simple changes to the organization, and you can drastically change your outcomes. 

Questions to Consider

Who are you associating with? 

Who are you hanging out with? 

Who are you learning from? 

Who are you gaining your expertise and your knowledge from? 

Who are you challenging? 

Who’s challenging you? 


How Your Relationships Can Help You

I have breakfast with a gentleman who I’ve known for a number of years. We get together every couple months. I thoroughly enjoy it because we challenge each other. We discuss business. We chat about life and faith. We talk about a lot of things and it’s amazing–I always come away with ideas. 

That’s the goal. You want to hang out with people who give you ideas, and encourage you to move to the next level.

And when you do, those are people you want to continue spending time with. Make sure that you’re helping them, sharing  ideas, helping them move to the next level. 

Having great contacts can be mutually beneficial, but don’t forget to pay it forward. 


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