A reader recently asked: When you call before or after normal business hours, should the message you leave on their voicemail be the same as the type you leave during “normal” business hours?

The Sales Hunter’s response: Calling before or after business hours is often a great way to get somebody to actually answer the phone, especially if you call early. They often assume that the call must be important if it rings at that time of the day. If you do connect with someone, they will view you as a hard-working individual who starts the day early. Keep in mind, however, that I’m not a fan of leaving voicemail messages with prospects that I don’t know. Rarely is the person going to listen to the message and return my call, so it winds up being nothing more than a waste of time for both people. If it’s somebody you have at least a minimal relationship with, then go ahead and call them early in the morning and leave a voicemail message.

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