customer-outcomeIt doesn’t matter how cheap you are.

Nobody is going to buy if they don’t believe what your offering is going to help them.

If every purchase is based on an expected outcome, then is there really any reason to worry so much about price? No!

Price is secondary to outcome. Price is not the primary issue.

Let me put it into simple terms: If the value gained from the expected outcome is greater than the price, then the customer will buy.  It’s that simple.

If, on the other hand, the value from the expected outcome is less than the price, then there isn’t going to be a sale.

It’s not that complex, once we begin to look at it like this.  Once we see it in this light, then we as the salesperson can focus all of our energy on helping the customer see the value of the outcome.  Discounting the price is a non-starter to closing the sale if it’s all about the outcome.

Stop and ask yourself if you know the expected value that your customers are going to receive from what you sell? 

Have you followed up with your old customers to get them to share with you?

If you haven’t, you need to start right now.  Keep in mind the outcome is unique to the individual or company, but the more customers you can learn from, the better off you’ll be with the next new customer with whom you meet.

Keep reminding yourself of this basic sales principle: Price is not the reason people don’t buy.

To help you in exploring with the customer their desired outcome, you need to focus on the questions you’re going to ask and then listen closely to what the customer says.  I’ve found that price-oriented salespeople are the same ones who spend all of their time doing the talking, and when they are talking, they are focused primarily on the product features.

Don’t be one of those salespeople.  Instead, think customer outcome first.  Make that the primary piece of what you’re trying to determine with each customer and prospect you meet.

Price is merely an afterthought when the expected outcome is great enough.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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