passion in sellingI admit I have the best job a person could ever ask for. What I do, I don’t call work. It’s just plain fun, and the reason why is I enjoy helping people.

Every time I get done speaking, whether it be in front of a crowd of thousands or a group of 10, I hear the same thing — people appreciate the passion I have and the commitment I have to helping people.

Some people claim you shouldn’t sell with passion.  I say false! DO sell with passion! Let it come through. I can’t begin to share the number of sales I’ve made and business opportunities I’ve been part of, all because the other party appreciates the passion they see in me.

People are quick to ask me if the passion I have when I speak is something that’s there with all types of companies or associations. My response is yes! The reason it’s a yes is because I’m passionate not about what they do or sell as a company, but about them as individuals and as groups.

Sales is about helping people. It’s not about selling widgets. It’s about helping people see and achieve things they didn’t think were possible.

Read that last sentence again, and then read it again. What does it say to you?

It says to me my goal is to help others achieve success. Is this the approach you take to customers you sell to?

Are you passionate about the people you come in contact with or are you merely looking for the next sale? This is why I firmly believe two salespeople can have the exact same product offering, and one can be successful and the other a failure, even when dealing with the exact same prospect.

Passion sells!  Think of it as your ability to connect.

Now don’t kid yourself, passion is not something you read a blog post on and then go out and do. No, passion is having a deep commitment to truly helping those you’re dealing with.

It’s not being satisfied merely doing what others are doing. It’s about going to the next level in the way you help your customers and everyone else with whom you come in contact.

My contention is the salesperson who is passionate about their customers is going to be passionate about everyone they come in contact with, from the barista with the morning coffee to the attendant at the dry cleaners.

It’s hard to define passion. To me it’s a lifestyle of caring and serving and truly believing in what you do and how you can help people. Maybe — just maybe — that’s why I think I have the best job in the world.

Passion is a lifestyle, and yes passion sells.

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