Why not make every customer a buyer?

Sure makes life easier for you, and as we all know about sales, momentum creates momentum.

We’ve all seen situations where it seems like the business just won’t stop, and it all starts with the first sale.  For that reason, let’s make every customer a buyer.

Yes, you want to close every customer you meet with a full-priced sale, but we also know that many times it simply doesn’t happen.   If you can’t close the customer on what it is you’re selling, whether it be a product or service, then close them on something else.

Never end a sales call without getting the customer to buy something

The something they buy might be merely that they like you and are in agreement with something specifically you said.  The something they buy might be an agreement to have another meeting or look at something else.

Key is to never end a sales call without getting the customer to buy something from you.

The reason I’m a big proponent of this is the positive state of mind it leaves you in and the state of mind it leaves the customer in.  When a salesperson leaves a sale call without having sold something, it leaves the customer feeling the time they spent was not productive, and you the salesperson leave confused as to what to do next.

When you reach agreement on something with the customer, you’ve now established what the next step is, and that brings clarity to both you and the customer.

Make this week one where each time you meet with a customer, you come away having sold something and securing that next step.

Once you get in the rhythm of doing this, you will find your level of sales motivation increasing and in turn your sales will increase too.  When I say  sales, I’m now talking volume!

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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