It’s way too easy to believe others when everyone seems to be saying the same thing.

We get this from the media and from those we associate with.  Case in point — Japan.  Reading the news, you would think the country was in dire straits between the state of their economy, an aging population and natural disasters.

I recently spent a couple days in Japan and didn’t see it.  What I saw was people maximizing opportunities and making things happen.  It became obvious these people didn’t get the memo. They clearly weren’t buying into what everyone else was thinking.  These people had one goal in mind —  succeed!

Why do we allow ourselves to believe what others are saying?

I think we do it for one simple reason: It can be the excuse we need as to why something didn’t work out as planned.  Why be the problem when you can blame it on something or somebody else?  Sure makes things easy.

That kind of thinking might work for the masses but it doesn’t work for you!

If you expect to be the best and you know you can be, then there simply is not any room for that type of negative thinking.

Opportunities abound. They are everywhere. The only problem we have is choosing which ones to run with.  In fact, it’s even better than you might think.

Due to the media and the way negative stuff gets the loudest attention, it means many of your competitors are getting sucked into believing they can’t do something.  I love it!  Without even doing a thing, a huge segment of your competition has already been moved to the sideline.  That only means one thing — there are even more opportunities.

This week let everyone else dwell on the problems being broadcasted by the media, leaving you more runway to make it happen.

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