Customers don’t wake up in the morning saying, “Oh, wow. I hope a salesperson sells me something.” That’s never the case. Customers don’t want to be sold. They want to buy. Actually, no. Customers don’t even want to buy, they want to invest. Nobody ever buys something for no reason. Let’s not kid ourselves – customers aren’t stupid. They buy because they’re looking for a return on their investment, so your job as the salesperson is to help your customer invest. By showing them a better solution, you’re helping them invest. You are showing your customers a better way to achieve a better outcome. That’s what you need to focus on – not selling a product. 

Video – Your Customers Do Not Want to Buy From You, They Want to Invest With You:

Sales is about helping our customers see and make a worthwhile investment in order for them to receive the return on investment that they’re looking for. The main goal is to help them achieve the outcome they desire. When I intentionally frame my sales mind in that manner, it’s amazing how things change for the better. Things change dramatically, because I’m no longer trying to sell and jam something down the customer’s throat. Instead, I’m trying to just work with the customer. I work to come alongside the customer, since all I’m asking them is to make an investment. Your job today, this week, and this month is to help your customers see investments that they want to make and then receive a return on their investment in order to achieve a greater outcome.   

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