If a customer tells you “no,” it doesn’t mean they will never buy from you. It just means that they won’t buy from you right now. Your objective is to create more value for the customer to make them see why it’s so important to buy from you right now!

If you give up every time you hear “no,” you will find yourself missing out on too many opportunities to help customers. “No” might be the case temporarily and it might even be the case for several months; however, don’t ever believe that it is permanent.

Sales is about having the persistence to follow-thru in helping your prospects and customers see value. The more you listen to and engage with the prospect, the more value you create. As you create more value, the less you will hear “no.”

The answer “no” is never permanent. It is only a moment in time.  One of the first things you need to discover is if “no” means the customer is buying from someone else or if they’re choosing to not buy at all. Either way, it means you still have an opportunity. If they’re buying from someone else, it shows that they are serious and have a need.  Your job then is to win the comparison challenge. If the customer is not buying at all, your job is to educate them. No matter what, the sales is yours to be made and the only mistake you can make is assuming the “no” is permanent.


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