I am excited that my new book High-Profit Prospecting will be releasing soon, and I want to give you an excerpt to challenge you to pursue better prospecting methods.  Your attitude is a vital factor in successful lead generation.

Check out what I have to say in part of Chapter 3:

We all know someone who is incredibly brilliant, but in the end doesn’t accomplish anything because of a bad attitude. A few years ago, I was asked to work with a team of salespeople at a transportation services company in the Dallas area to help grow their sales, and I quickly encountered this problem in a big way.

The sales team at this company was comprised of a cross-section of people, from veterans to new hires, and each one had their own personality and skill set. Before long, I was dealing with one salesperson in particular who was easily the smartest person on the team.  His level of knowledge blew me away, and his understanding of the trucking and transportation industries was amazing.  If anyone needed a question answered, they went to him.

As smart as this person was, the results he posted each month were near the bottom. The problem became clear to me fairly quickly — he was clearly technically proficient and understood sales well, but his attitude sure did stink! It stunk so much that others were happy when he called in sick. The joke among some of the people on the team was they were hoping something would prevent him from coming to work — or management would wake up and terminate him.

Think about this person for a moment.

He was brilliant and had the answers, yet he turned in results that didn’t reflect his potential. In the end, his downfall was his attitude and level of motivation. Conversely, there was another person on the team who certainly didn’t know the process and was new to sales and the industry. But what he lacked in knowledge and experience, he made up for with an infections positive attitude and a level of motivation that was at the top of the chart.

Can you relate to the sales team I described? I’m not expecting you to feel you’re one of those two personality types, but I’m sure you’ve seen shades of each in your colleagues. Getting closer to home, I suspect you can find shades of both in your own style.

If you’re wondering how the new person with little knowledge and a great attitude did, let me tell you in three words. He crushed it!

The level of motivation you bring to the task at hand is going to determine the results you achieve.

For more reading about this and the other specific things that can revolutionize your prospecting efforts, be sure to invest in yourself with my book High-Profit Prospecting!

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