The sun will still come up in the morning.  I use this line a lot as a way to keep myself focused on the big picture.

This week I (along with much of the traveling public in the U.S.) have experienced weather delays that just never seemed to end.

What I thought was going to be a simple trip with events in Pittsburgh and Raleigh turned into a saga of cancelled flights, lost luggage, multiple airlines, and well, the list goes on.  In the end, we still got to Friday morning, and yes, the sun came up.

These experiences, combined with conversations I had with clients about supply-chain disruptions they were experiencing, led me to think about the value of leadership in the midst of disruption.

Hey, let’s accept the fact that stuff happens — things in and outside of our control.  Challenge is how we respond to it.

It’s one thing to say you handle things calmly when things spin out of control; it’s another thing to actually do it.  This week has been a great example of that.  I’m not about to say what you should do, as you’ve heard it all before.

But below are a few simple thoughts I remind myself of in the face of uncertainty and chaos.

The sun will still come up in the morning.  Think about what that means. Each morning we start a new day. The birds we hear in the morning are clueless as to what occurred the day before, but what they do know is it’s time to announce to everyone it’s a new day.

Nothing we do hear today will change the course of mankind.   When I was in my corporate role, I would state this line to people who would come storming into my office with a major problem.

Their solution was to do something immediately, which many times would only make the problem bigger.  In the midst of chaos is the time to breathe deeply and know that this too  shall pass (whatever this may be).

Play the long game.  Chaos is almost always due to the short game.  My view is to play the long game, never forgetting there will be another opportunity, and we need to look past today and see tomorrow.

Chaos, disruption, challenges, problems or whatever we want to call them — they are still opportunities for us to be the catalyst that moves forward and turns whatever might be occurring into an opportunity.

We will never get more out of life than we are willing to put into it.  It’s our objective to be ready each day to put all we can into making our life and the lives of those around us the best they can be.


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