keep it simpleWe’ve all heard the expression KISS, as in “Keep it Simple Stupid.”

Yes, we’ve all seen things and have been part of things that are way too complicated, but have you thought about how KISS might work for your customer?

I’m not talking about your sales process.

What I’m talking about is what it is your customer is buying.

Is it simple?

Is it simple for your customer to understand and is it simple for them to take advantage of?

It is amazing the number of sales transactions that are simply way too complicated.

Think for a moment about how your customer is viewing it. If they see the buying process as being difficult, then that same belief is going to carry over to everything else they think about you.

Keeping it simple means at every step.

You may feel having an on-line process for the customer to monitor their order as being simple, but to them, they may see it as being complicated.   You may see it easy compared to the hassle of what your customer service used to have to deal with.   Problem is your customer may have seen the customer service interaction and the live person they spoke with as being an advantage.

Am I saying you need to incur additional cost of having a live person in order to facilitate customers who are already demanding a cheap price?  No and yes.

What I’m saying is we have to make it simple for the customer in terms of allowing them to feel safe about saying “yes” and buying quickly.

Your process might be more cumbersome than you would like, but what that means is you the salesperson have to be willing to hold the customer’s hand through the initial process.

The simpler you can make it for the customer to buy, the easier it is for them to say “yes” and the less likely they will see a potential reason to not buy.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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