We’re into the home stretch.

Before we know it, we will be turning the page on another year.

Challenge is there is still a lot of selling left in this year.  Problem is far too many salespeople are already drawing conclusions as to how their year is going to end.

What gives us the ability to know how the year is going to end when we don’t even know what could happen today?   A comparison I like to use is sports and, in particular, football. We are in the middle of the football season, so it makes for a good example.

Think of the number of games that are won or lost in the last couple of minutes of a football game.

We have about 6 weeks left in the year, which means there is still 10% of the year left!  Translate that to a football game and  that means 6 minutes.

Watch football on any Saturday or Sunday and count the number of games that are decided in the final six minutes.

Could you imagine what fans would say if a team that is down by a touchdown decided to give up and quit with 6 minutes left on the clock?  There would be absolute chaos as the fans would have no part of seeing something like that happen.

I hate to say it, but that is exactly what happens with far too many salespeople.  Just because they’re down and things don’t look promising, they pack it in and “go home.”

The number of goals, quotas, budgets, etc. that are made in the final 6 weeks of the year is huge.

You can’t win unless you play.

There is no way you will ever know if you’re going to make your year-end numbers unless you’re willing to push yourself the full distance.  It’s easy to slack off. That doesn’t take any skill at all.  If you want to demonstrate a lack of skill, then go ahead back off and pack it in.

If, on the other hand, you want to demonstrate to yourself what you are capable of, then crank it up full-speed and let it rip.  Let’s have fun making the last 6 weeks of the year one of the most productive periods ever.

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