Now more than ever, as we’re living in the middle of a pandemic, you need to have a sales blitz. I will walk you through the 10 ways of how to create a sales blitz during this time. Here is what you should be doing…

1. Target Your List

Now, you may have a wide range of lists. You have a lot of different prospects that you want to deal with involving different kinds of people; however, you really need to target your list. What do I mean? Focus where you’re going to spend your time. A sales blitz doesn’t mean that you do a little bit of everything everywhere. It means that you do a lot of something in a very tight, narrow area. Target your list as much as possible.

2. Keep Things Simple

Don’t make it complex. It’s easy for us to overcomplicate things, and in turn, make more work for ourselves. Often, we want to add this or that. No, don’t do that. Keep things simple, because if you make if complex in your mind, it’s going to be even more complex for your prospect – too complex, really.

Keep the product or service you’re selling as simple as possible. Stay zeroed in on the outcome you’re your customer is looking for. Don’t try to bring world peace. Work on solving the number one issue they currently have in their mind.

3. Clear Talking Points

When you keep things simple, you’re able to have clear talking points. If you overcomplicate, you’re not able to communicate as well. It’s the simplest things that are communicated the easiest and those things that are communicated the easiest are the simplest things. It works both ways. Pretty simple, huh?

So, you have to have clear talking points that your prospects can understand.

4. Power Questions

What are these kinds of questions? They are questions designed to get them talking to you. They should engage them. These types of questions are designed to reveal pain, so they share more with you to help you understand more of what they’re looking for. Power questions are not surface questions. They go deep. You need to go deep, because if you’re going to do a sales blitz in a pandemic, superficial won’t work; your customers in this are way beyond that.

5. Repetition

It’s always noisy out there…very noisy, especially right now. This means you have to be prepared to approach them, discuss with them, and talk with them multiple times. It has to be an ongoing conversation.

Repetition, repetition does not mean you do the same thing over and over. It just means you have to be prepared to share new information / new insights with them, numerous times. Keep it coming.

6. Build on Success

In the midst of a pandemic, things can be very difficult for us. On the sales end, because things are probably tougher than usual, you got to take whatever success you have and build on it. This is why I am telling every salesperson I talk to right now to, at the end of the day, look back on their day and write down the most successful thing that happened. It may be a very small thing – very minor – but I want you to write that down. You always have to play on your success.

Another way to build on success is start your day off doing something that you know you’re going to succeed in. Success creates success. The same things happens with your customers. Your customers are achieving success, so recognize them for that. Help them build on their success too.

7. Existing Customers

Don’t think you need to go into a country or a new world to find prospects and customers. You already have existing customers. It’s amazing how much more business you can probably get right out of them, not only in terms of addition business, but referrals, recommendations, and everything else.

Never look past the customers you already have when creating your sales blitz.

8. Stay Focused

Time and time again, you have to stay focused. It’s easy to suddenly see and start chasing shiny objects or somebody just called me with this chemical. Today, actually I got a call from someone saying, “Hey, you got to check out this guy!” It could’ve been very easy for me to go after that and get caught up in a new “shiny object.” But no, I knew I had to be here in the studio making videos for you. That is my focus, so I must constantly keep my mind fixed here. Stay focus on your plan. Don’t allow shiny objects to distract you.

9. Set Mini Goals

What are mini-goals? They are small goals set for short brackets of time. For example, you may set a goal for this two-hour, four-hour or even one-hour window ahead of you. That helps you create, and hopefully achieve, many goals over the course of the whole day. Again, you can go back and see what you accomplished and build on your success. It’s amazing how much better you become when you begin to use your time efficiently. That takes me to the final way you can create a sales blitz…

10. Protect Your Time

Your time is your most valuable asset. Don’t think for a moment that because we’re in the middle of a pandemic, nobody is buying anything and just not worry about it. No, your time is more valuable than ever. You want to make sure that you focus on activities that will generate revenue or lead you to generating revenue. If you can’t say that what you’re doing lines up to one of those two, then question why you’re doing it.

There you go! Those are the ten things to do in order to create a sales blitz in a pandemic. It all comes down to having a plan and executing it. If you haven’t, go pick up my book, A Mind for Sales. I hope you read it, because it will help you focus your mind and set you up with the right framework to be successful right now.

Copyright 2020, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter” Sales Motivation Blog.  Mark Hunter is the author of A Mind for Sales and High-Profit Prospecting: Powerful Strategies to Find the Best Leads and Drive Breakthrough Sales Results.


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