How much of a rainmaker are you, or are you more like a rain barrel? Rainmakers own their destiny and set their own course. Rain barrels depend on others to feed them. Sales is about being a rainmaker. Let marketing be the rain barrel, because you don’t have time to waste on being one.

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Rainmakers are the ones who go out and make it happen with customers that others didn’t see the potential in.  How do they do it? It is easier than you might think. You just have to commit to seeing your role as the rainmaker.

Rainmakers are about creating incremental opportunities. They never hesitate to pick up the phone and engage the prospect. When the prospect declines a meeting, the prospect doesn’t give up. They come back with another question, another value statement to engage the prospect. The reason they do this is because they know that they can help the prospect. They believe 110% in their ability to help others.

Rainmakers ask the tough questions. In the meeting, they aren’t timid about asking the questions that a typical salesperson is scared to ask. The rainmaker knows that the only way to uncover the really big opportunities is by going deep with customers. It’s about having discussions that challenge everyone’s perspective.

Rainmakers know that the key to opening doors is often through other people. On a daily basis, they strive to create relationships and nurture their network. The network is an asset full of opportunities. A big part of nurturing is helping others.

Rainmakers are ruthless with their time. They are always on a mission to help others succeed. If they slow down or don’t move fast enough, they will lose out to their competitor.

Rainmakers never stop learning, because they see it as their duty to inform the customer and others. They know that by being the one with insights and knowledge, customers will value them more.

Rainmakers view prospecting as an activity that they want to do and not something that they have to do. Rainmakers do not run from a difficult lead that they see as having merit. Rather, they run to it and see that challenge as an obstacle to overcome.

Rainmakers do not think for a moment that they are a rain barrel. They never allow themselves to waste selling time on rain barrel activities.

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