I’ve often said that the problem with a “social media strategy” is that it really should be called a “business marketing strategy.”

Maybe it’s just semantics.  The key is, though, you have to be looking at it differently.

I’ve written about social media before and the pitfalls of using it from a business standpoint the same way you use it to connect with your high school classmates.

It’s not that the platforms are bad; it’s just that if you want to use them to bolster your prospecting efforts, you are going to have to look at it through a prospecting lens.

A recent post by Lauren Carlson of Software Advice, a site that reviews SFA software, reiterates that there is potential for social media to make a huge difference in your marketing strategy, but it’s all about using the platforms in specific ways.

She makes great points about using social media to find opportunities, learn about your buyers, identify your influencers and understand your competition.

I’ve spoken along these lines before, when I said that internet platforms are very effective for generating business with both existing and new customers. I’ve been using these tools for years and I generate a tremendous amount of new business from them.

I encourage you to read Lauren’s article and then actually apply some of the insights she offers to your business marketing strategy.

Knowledge is indeed power, and the most successful salespeople are consistently expanding their knowledge and using what they learn to refine their selling strategies.

If you want more profits, you’re going to have to have the most comprehensive and effective “prospecting tool bag” possible.

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