Recently I ran a post on 23 ways to strengthen your relationship with your client.

Of course, 23 seemed like quite a few to run in one post, so I gave you the first 11 then, and now I’m giving you the remaining 12.

At an rate, read that post and this one.

Then actually put some of it into action!  That’s the key — you can’t just read all these great tips and do nothing with them.

High-profit salespeople recognize that a lot of little things go into building great client relationships.  Taken individually, those things may seem like no big deal.  But taken collectively, they compound into such a difference in your sales.

Here goes with the remaining 12:

12. Communicate to the person’s style.

If they’re passive, then don’t come across as overly aggressive.  If they’re ego-centered, then allow them to feel they’re making the decisions.  Leverage your own personal style by adapting to theirs.  (Never sell out your integrity!  In the end, the most valuable asset you have is your integrity.)

13. Respect with professionalism.

People want to be treated with respect and dignity.  People will remember you and respect you more if you’re the one who treated them with respect.

14. Each time you’re with them, share with them one piece of information about something significant.

You might share with them the latest economic numbers (only if they’re good) or something pertaining to their industry.  Use the opportunity to teach them something that will help them do their job or run their company more effectively.

15. Show concern and interest in the client’s company goals.

Ask about them and, more importantly, provide them with information and methods they can use to help them achieve their goals.  Each time you’re with the customer, make it a habit to ask them about their goals and also have something you can share with them that might help them achieve their goals.

16. Know the client’s organization.

Get to know as many people in the company as possible and make sure they know you by name and company.

17. Each time you’re with the customer, make sure you learn one new piece of information about them.

Don’t limit yourself to just learning about what the things that may impact you, but also learn about their entire business.

18. Monitor the company and their competitors via Google Alerts.

Use notifications you receive as a reason to contact the customer either in person, email, phone, etc.

19. Know the timeline the client operates in.

Knowing how they measure themselves both fiscally and personally can help you determine the best time to contact them.  Knowing when employees receive their evaluation, review, raises, etc. can be very helpful in giving you a sense as to how you can assist them.

20. Refer the client to others who might benefit from what they sell or do.

Be aggressive in doing this and, most of all, follow-through with both the person you referred and who they were referred to so you can hear the outcome.

21. Respect their culture and rules.

Speak using the same terms and words they use and follow all of the rules they have regarding safety and the workplace.

This includes when you are in your own environment and communicating with them.  (Many companies have strict guidelines regarding the use of cell phones, such as “engine on / cell phone off.”  If this is the case, then the last thing you want to be doing is having a conversation with them on your cell phone while you’re driving.)

22. Every problem is an opportunity for you to accept.

Do not hide behind things or try to cover up issues. Bring everything to the conversation in a positive, solution-minded manner.

23. For each person with whom you work, make sure you communicate with them via the communication method they prefer.

Examples include: in-person, telephone, voice mail, text messaging, email, etc.

There you have it — between the two posts, you have 23 ways to strengthen your relationships with  your clients.

Here’s to great selling!

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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