Maybe the right question is: how do customers define credibility? The issue is that customers can’t see someone’s good intentions; they only see the results. This is the biggest issue when it comes to credibility and why  oftentimes there is a disconnect between a salesperson and the customer.

A salesperson can have the best intentions but still fail to deliver. It can be a big issue when a salesperson allows their assumptions to drive the customer’s expectations.

Bad assumptions destroy credibility! Ask any customer service department what their biggest struggle is and this is what they will tell you. This happens when the customer’s expectations do not line up with what is actually being delivered. Frequently, all of this plays out when the salesperson fails to identify the customer’s exact expectations.

Watch this 7-minute video interview I had with business growth coach and sales strategist, Meridith Elliott Powell: https://youtu.be/X563mEnl9_s

The impact of credibility shows up in a number of different ways. The salesperson or company with a high level of credibility always benefits from referrals and repeat business. The company lacking credibility, on the other hand, always finds themselves chasing the next customer.

Ask yourself: what level of credibility do you create with your customers? The trick here is that you actually don’t have the answer to this question; only your customers do. Go ahead and ask them. I’ll wait.

Don’t go thinking you can just pass off this topic of credibility. Not a single salesperson would say that they have fewer competitors than before. Credibility is not a nice to have- it is a must have! Credibility is the cost of entry to any relationship. This is especially true in today’s world where anybody can find out anything they want about you. What do I mean by that? Your reputation arrives before you. Before you have that first phone call or first meeting, keep in mind that the other person has already determined your level of credibility. 

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