Maybe the question should be, “Do you even have a sales prospecting process?”

Far too many salespeople find themselves continuously chasing business and scrambling to find opportunities.   Sure, scrambling and hustling is one way to work, but don’t you think you would be a lot more effective if you had a sales prospecting process that worked?

Unfortunately, for a lot of salespeople, their “process” consists of first denying they need to go find prospects.

This is then usually followed by the gut feeling that business is going to be dismal unless new prospects are found.   At that moment, a light goes off and a weak attempt is made to find prospects. When a few prospects are found, the prospecting process shuts down.

You can change the numbers but it is almost always the same.  In far too many companies, prospecting for customers is only done when it’s absolutely essential.  No wonder so many salespeople go through sales slumps.

The solution is not as complex as one might think.

The solution is in having a sales process that fits both your market and your skill set.  Yes, I mean your skill set. This is not an excuse to get out of work; what I mean is the best sales process is one that builds on what you do best and your own personality.

When a salesperson has a process that fits their style, they’re far more likely to follow it.  That right there is the key — to have a process you can believe in.

You might be asking me where do you find a prospecting process that will fit your market and you.  The best place is by buying my on-line Sales Prospecting training program.

The program is broken into 6 pre-recorded sessions — j more than 3 ½ hours of content packed with proven prospecting strategies that you can begin using immediately.

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