You’re sitting there staring at your computer looking at a number — the number is your total sales to date, and with each minute that passes, the number is turning your stomach.

The number is not going to change on its own. It’s only going to change when you make it happen and that means prospecting. When having to decide between the need to prospect or eating a plate of liver and onions, you choose the plate, with an extra helping.  No wonder your stomach is turning!

Prospecting does not have to be the activity you dread.  It doesn’t have to be the activity you try to avoid the same way you avoided cleaning your bedroom as a child.

Prospecting is not going to occur until YOU make the first move, and don’t go thinking throwing 3 more posts out on social media and clicking “like” on 4 other posts is prospecting.  Prospecting is engaging with prospects in real time!

You engage with prospects by first believing 100% in how you can help them.  Don’t hide behind an excuse what you sell is inferior to your competitors.  Don’t hide behind you think your price is too high and don’t hide behind the idea you don’t have any leads.  Prospecting begins with believing in yourself and your ability to help others.

Check out my comments on this issue in this video:


You will start believing in yourself when you realize how much you’ve helped people already.  Take 10 minutes and write out all of the ways you’ve helped others. It’s about recognizing the outcomes they’ve gained.

When you begin to see ways you’ve helped customers, you’ll begin to see the value you bring.  The value you bring to others is powerful. It’s the reason you sell and it’s the reason you need to prospect.  Prospecting is the first step in you being able to help others.

When you believe you can help others, you’ll very quickly find you believe in yourself.  View prospecting as your first step in being able to help others, and helping others starts with merely a conversation.  It’s one person conversing with another. It’s not about creating world peace.  View prospecting as what it is — a conversation.

It’s your turn. Go out and have that conversation and let me know how it goes.  Prospecting is what I love, and I love it for one reason — it’s a conversation with another person who I hope to be able to help.

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