Clients are nosey. They will always look at what you have.

A great way to satisfy their desire to be nosey is to have a couple of testimonial letters you shuffle through to get to what you want to show the client.

Sure, you can and should use client testimonials as part of a presentation whenever it is appropriate, but that does not mean you shouldn’t also use subtle techniques to help leverage the meeting.

Best way to take advantage of this is to have clients write you a letter of endorsement or testimonial on their company letterhead.

Key is to have their logo or company name at the top of the letter in large enough print to allow someone to be able to read it upside down.

The advantage of having several letters is you can switch them around to ensure the letter that is most visible is from a client that would have the most positive impact with the client you’re talking to.

Place the letter inside your note folder so when you open it up to take note,s the testimonial letter is partially visible.  Regardless if the customer you’re talking to asks you about the note, the impact is the same. They have seen it.

Just as much as the note serves as way to leverage the client you’re meeting with, it also serves to leverage you.  There’s something magical about sitting down to a client meeting and opening your folder and seeing several testimonial letters.

The magic is in helping to build your confidence and sales motivation, because you will be reminded that you you help customers. You make a difference and clients are not hesitant to share what you do with others.

Make asking for testimonial letters part of the sales process.  Clients will help you out, especially if they know the letter is only going to be used in one-on-one customer meetings.

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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