2014First goal is to not set goals you don’t have a plan to make.

Setting goals without a plan is really a dream. Quit kidding yourself. Unless there is a plan, the ability to achieve a goal is going to be left to chance.  Why leave something to chance?

If you want chance, buy a lottery ticket or go to Vegas.  Personally, I would rather put things in my control by making a plan.

Second goal is to become an impact player.

I would hope by me not putting the word “positive” ahead of impact player you wouldn’t see it as being anything other than a positive attribute.

What are the things you will do in the year ahead that will allow you be a positive impact on people you come in contact with?  When we make an impact on others, we are allowing our assets to become part of others and that means we’re compounding the value of our assets.

I framed that idea as one might look at financial assets, but the same applies.  Knowledge left unshared eventually becomes knowledge lost

Third goal is to be willing to be held accountable.

If you’re not willing to be held accountable by others, then you might as well move to a deserted island, because that’s all you’re worthy of.   We all become sharper when we allow others to impact us in the same manner we want to impact others.

Allowing us to be held accountable is taking impact and going one step farther.   Accountability means being willing to adjust and change.  A key reason goals are not achieved is there is no one holding the person accountable.

If you want to increase your ability to achieve goals this upcoming year and know you’re making a difference, then the three items listed above are a must.

All the best to you as we all start off a new year and look to make it the best year ever.

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