strategic-phone-callIt’s become too easy for us to communicate via email and text messaging.

The power of the smart phone in our hands is incredible, as it allows us to respond to messages far faster than we ever could before.

On the one hand, that is a good thing, as it allows us to improve the level of communication by being able to respond quickly regardless of where we might be.

Yes, the beauty of our smart phones for handling messages is great, but it also creates a huge downside.  What many managers now fail to have is telephone discussions where in-depth perspectives are shared.

As a leader, don’t fall victim to what I refer to as “Blackberry management.”  This is where people only know their manager by way of the messages fired off by way of their Blackberry or other smart phone device.

The situation is too common. The manager fires off a quick email on their Blackberry while sitting in a meeting simultaneously reviewing a spreadsheet on their computer.

Do I sense a lack of focus?  Yes, it is a lack of focus and an amazing lack of respect for the most critical asset in any company — the people!

If you’re a leader, rather than tapping out the quick response, use another function on the device and call the person instead.

Leaders engage with their people at both scheduled and unscheduled times.  The impromptu phone conversation will provide you the leader with more insight than could ever be gained by reading a brief email.

For the employee, the ability to engage you the leader in random phone calls may take them back at first, but in time they will appreciate and value the respect you’re showing them.

“Blackberry Management” is fine for mere managers, but if you are a leader then do what is right. Intersperse your email exchanges with the telephone discussion and start gaining real insight.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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