memorial day 2015To the families torn by the loss of a loved one, we ask, “How can we say thank you?”

To the sons and daughters who never had the privilege of spending time growing up with a father or mother, we ask, “How can we say thank you?”

To the sibling who played for hours with their brother or sister, only to have them never return, we ask, “How can we say thank you?”

To the mother who kissed her child as they left for war, only to have them never return, we ask, “How can we say thank you?”

To the spouse who never saw future anniversaries with their soldier, we ask, “How can we say thank you?”

To the young men whose dreams were never fulfilled, we ask, “How can we say thank you?”

It’s hard to grasp the full reality of war while walking row after row of the United States cemetery that overlooks Omaha Beach, a key turning point in the battle to defeat Hitler in World War II.

Yet as I recently walked among the rows of crosses and Stars of David marking graves, I can almost hear the chaos of that day, June 6, 1944, and the ensuing days thereafter as the fight to stop Hitler wore on.

Young people all giving their life so we may enjoy the freedom today. Each individual, regardless of their rank, their duties, their family, their faith, all came together in a way most of us will ever know.

They came together bonded by the country they served, the United States of America.   Each soldier demonstrating leadership, regardless of the uncertain risk they faced.

We are today the sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and grandchildren of these brave individuals who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we may have freedom.

May we never take freedom for granted, but realize forever that freedom comes with a price.

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