Sales leadership is not about what we sell or how we sell, but rather it’s all about why we sell.  It comes down to one simple thing — helping others. In both sales and leadership, the end game is the same — to help others.

There’s a reason why top salespeople and great leaders are highly motivated people. When we’re focused on helping others, it naturally results in us being more motivated.

Who will you help today? I find myself struggling when it becomes all about me. The self-centeredness takes over and I quickly spiral downhill.  When my day is focused on helping others, it’s amazing how my attitude and outlook are completely different. The result is simple — I end the day having accomplished more.

Who are you helping today? Check out this short 15-second video as I share the concept of helping others and making it the focal point of our leadership:


This is the number one reason why I love what I do — it’s the ability to help others and it goes far beyond what I sell and even how I sell.

Take a few minutes at the end of a day where you know you’ve helped others and ask yourself if you’re feeling more motivated and feeling more positive about what you do.  I’m sure you’ll find yourself saying “yes.”

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