Monday I shared the stage with Jill Rowley #SocialSelling at the Sales Summit event for Dreamforce.

It was our honor to close the session. Best of all the crowd was great!

Jill and I met for the first time the night before for rehearsal. Yes, we had talked a couple of times on the phone and traded some emails, but we still had never met.

You would have thought the two of us had known each other for years. Actually, we have known each other for years, but not through the conventional means.

We knew each other, because we both had been following each other for some time.  What does this say?  It means in today’s environment we get to know each other first via the web, and many times, the other person doesn’t even know you’re following them.

All this points to the importance of managing our web presence and, in essence, creating a virtual personality.  I’m not saying this to freak people out. I’m saying it because it’s real and it’s how the world works today.

Whether it be LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, we have to determine individually how we want to create our personality.   We can’t ever forget that our customers and prospects are looking at our web personality to determine whether or not they want to do business with us.

This might seem basic to some, but in speaking to the audience Monday and the questions we received afterward, I was amazed at how many are still not pro-actively taking control of their web personality.

Thank you again to Salesforce for inviting me back again this year!  A special thanks to everyone who caught up with me in the halls and after the session and introduced themselves to me.

If you don’t have plans for tomorrow over the lunch hour, stop into the session I’m doing with Anthony Iannarino:

5 Mission-Critical Requirements to Establishing Value & Increasing Revenue
Wednesday, October 15
11:30 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.
Ralston Ballroom, Palace Hotel

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