Too many salespeople allow their competitors to define their price.

To put it more harshly, too many salespeople allow themselves to believe they need to lower their price due to what a competitor is charging.

It’s far too easy for a salesperson to think that what a competitor is offering is identical to what they’re selling. Therefore, if they want to do any business, they need to offer a price that is minimally no higher than the competition and better yet, less.

Rather than spending time looking at why we think a competitor’s offering is identical to ours, let’s spend our time looking at everything that makes it different.

Better yet, let’s look at how we as individuals make the sales process far superior for our customers than anything a competitor might be able to offer.

Top performing salespeople realize and leverage the value they themselves bring to the selling process.  They know how to use their skill set, insights and competencies in a way that allows the customer to see added value.

If we don’t bring anything different to our customers, then why do they even need us? 

Take time each week to define what makes you different as a salesperson and what makes your sales proposition different.

Each item you list is worth “x” to the customer and it’s our challenge to determine what “x” is.  We’ll only begin to maximize our sales price when we begin to focus on the differences in a way the customer will see value in.   Think about this for a moment and then ask yourself this question:

“Could my competitor use my sales presentation on their calls and only have to worry about changing product names and codes?”

If there aren’t differences, then you are allowing your competitor to define your price.

Your goal is to create differences. The more differences you create, the better off. The best way to start is by realizing the greatest competitive advantage you will ever has is yourself.

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.




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