Just like everything else, sales has changed in the last couple of weeks.  The pandemic we are currently facing is challenging basic norms but one thing never changes, business is still about people connecting with people.  Sales is all about people, always. Today’s challenge lies in the different norms that are requiring us to think differently.

Video:  Do you have a mind for sales in tough times? 

When I wrote my new book last year planned to release in March of 2020, I had no idea the state our country would be in right now, making it even more appropriate for everyone’s situation.  I’m confident in the US and confident in people, so I rest assured that we will get through this and get through it fast. The bigger question is how will we fare for it?  We are all facing three issues right now: health, mental and economic. Each one involves another; they are intertwined. The one that nobody is talking about is our mental state. Let’s be honest, the confusion all of this has created is certainly impacting our state of mind.  This is one reason why I’m posting a new video each day on my LinkedIn and Facebook pages. I am sharing these to give you my perspective and help you put things into perspective because my fear, and probably your fear too, is the mental and economic impact this whole thing will have for years to come. No doubt there will be seen and unseen scars! If you have not watched these videos I’m mentioning, check out my LinkedIn page: linkedin.com/in/markhunter.

One of the reasons why I am confident we will come through this is because of my faith. I have learned not to worry about things I cannot control but rather to focus on what I can. If for no other reason, my faith is why I remain confident through it all and confident in my ability to reach out and help others. Now stop and think about that for a moment. That is what sales is all about – sales is helping people.

  • Having a mind for sales is putting the customer first by taking the time to listen to them.
  • Have a mind for sales is caring more about why you sell than about what you sell.
  • Having a mind for sales is being a sales leader.
  • Having a mind for sales is creating incremental value for your customers.
  • Having a mind for sales is prospecting and selling with integrity.
  • Having a mind for sales is being authentic with everyone you meet.
  • Having a mind for sales is building a team of people all with the same focus: helping each other.
  • Having a mind for sales is knowing your objective is to influence and impact others.
  • Having a mind for sales is knowing time is your most valuable asset.
  • Having a mind for sales is knowing who your perfect customer is and staying focused on them.
  • Having a mind for sales is knowing that you have to continually improve your selling process.
  • Having a mind for sales is knowing what your limitations are and not making false claims.

Our greatest days as a nation lie ahead of us when we come out of this hardship. I do believe we will sooner rather than later, thanks to the flurry of intellectual advances in every sector of society. Out of our greatest pain always comes our greatest gains; this time will be no different. Our focus now needs to be on confidence, calmness, and keeping things in perspective. When we lose sight of any one of those three things, we spin out of control and fail to make good decisions.

Sales is without a doubt the greatest job one could have. There are few other occupations where you can have the ability to influence and impact so many people across so many different companies, communities, and countries.  Each day, regardless of what the news might say, or what others might talk about, my mission remains the same and that is, focus on others and focus on being the person I know I can be. That is what it looks like to have a mind for sales.

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