Dealing with tough prospects is hard enough, so let’s not go making it any harder on ourselves with not believing in how we can help others.

If we don’t believe in ourselves, what makes us think customers should believe in us? Would you buy from somebody you don’t trust? Not likely. I’ll argue the only reason you would is if what the salesperson had was so cheap you couldn’t pass it up or if you were absolutely desperate to have what they were selling.

Quit kidding yourself. What you’re selling doesn’t fit into either of those categories.

Believing in ourselves starts with the realization that our goal is to help others. Sales is not about selling; it’s about helping others. When we make helping others our mission, then we’ll finally be in a position to believe in ourselves.

What becomes even more amazing is when we’re full throttle into wanting to help others what we sell is almost irrelevant.  Yes, you read that right — when we’re fully focused on helping others, what we sell becomes merely the means to open the door.

Believing 100% that your goal is to help others and you’ll be much more likely to believe in yourself.

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High Profit Prospecting
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