When was the last time you really dreamed big?  Not just big, but really big?

As a kid I remember dreaming I’d one day play in the NBA, walk on the moon, and own 100 cars all by the time I was 20.  Somewhere between being the 8-year-old dreamer and a 30-year veteran of business, my ability to dream changed.

What happened was my ability to dream shrunk to fit what I thought was possible.

Looking back on my dreams as a little kid, I wonder if maybe I had things in reverse.  Maybe I should have not shrunk my dreams, but escalated my achievement.  I’m wondering if our failure to achieve is due to our lack of desire to truly think outside the box to achieve the goals we want to achieve.

Watch a great leader and they are masters at bringing in other people and utilizing the talents of the people they’re leading to achieve an even bigger outcome. Question I’m asking myself and I think you should ask yourself is, “Why am I not approaching my goals in the same manner?”

If leaders achieve more with the help of others, then why shouldn’t that same strategy work in helping us achieve our goals?

Who do you need to be accessing more to help you achieve your goals?  Who do you know that can introduce you to someone else who may have that unique talent you need?

I’m not saying to go out and get others to do your work for you. No, what I’m saying is to access the intellect and resources of others to help make you a better person.

Our objective when thinking big is to first of all think even bigger, and in so doing, be thinking big about who you need to be connecting with to help you achieve your big goal.


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