Business people speaking during interview in their officeSalespeople always want a higher price and don’t want to offer a discount to close the sale. What role does confidence play in the equation?


In fact I’ll say it is as powerful of an attribute in the selling process as anything else.

The price a customer is willing to pay must equal or be less than the value they expect to gain, unless they’re being held hostage to buy.

The price is built around the level of confidence the customer has in being able to achieve the level of expectations they are looking for.

With the level of confidence so high, it means 100% of the sales process should be centered around building confidence in the customer’s mind.  To achieve this, we also need to ask what is the level of confidence we have in ourselves in the sales process?

A customer is not going to be able to achieve the highest level of confidence without them being able to see you being 100% confident.  Any shortcoming on your part in how you believe in yourself and how you can help the customer is going to come across as a lack of confidence.

The lack of confidence will most likely translate into a reduction in price.

How do you interact with the customer?  More importantly, how does the customer feel you interact with them?  Both of these questions matter.  The way you feel is going to impact your level of confidence, but in the end it’s up to the customer to gauge your confidence.

Is your body language confident?

Is the tone of your voice confident?

When you handle objections, do you run and hide or do you address them straight on?

When you ask for the order, are you giving the customer eye contact? 

Take a step back and think through each element of your sales presentation and ask yourself, “Does everything reflect and demonstrate confidence?”

In the end, the price you get is going to be a direct reflection of the confidence you demonstrate.

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