HandshakingWe’ve come to #3 in our list of 5 Secrets to Selling at Full Price.

3. Position Yourself and Your Selling Process to Command Full Price.

Just as you have to make sure your product/service is positioned to warrant full price, you have to make sure you are too.

You are what the customer is buying and, for that matter, the customer is buying you long before they buy what you’re selling.

There’s a simple reason why the real estate agent selling high-end real estate drives a high-end vehicle.  The agent knows if they’re working with clients who are going to spend millions to buy a home, showing up in a Ford Festiva is not going to cut it.

People want to connect with people who they see as being equal to or better than them.  This means you must be seen as the high-end solution, regardless of what you’re selling.

Positioning yourself goes beyond how you see yourself. It extends to how you interact with the customer.  If you’re expecting the customer to pay a high price for something, you can’t be one who is not comfortable with full price.

Just as it’s essential the product or service you’re selling be positioned properly to acheve full-price, it’s essential you’re positioned in the same way.

If you’re meeting a customer for a meal, are you meeting them at a fast-food location or an establishment that represents best the high-value of what you’re selling?  I use the restaurant example as just that– an example. But it applies to virtually every aspect of the sales process.

Printing your presentation in black and white or on some low-end ink-jet printer with lousy paper is certainly not going to represent class and full-value.

Do the things you reference in your presentation refer to high-end and high-quality?

Your customer will shape and frame their beliefs based on what and how you communicate.

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