How many people have you referred in the last month?  People who are the most willing to refer others are also the most engaging people. They more often than not are the ones who are most able to enter into a meaningful discussion and have great insights.

The people who I most like to associate with are the ones who tend to refer others.  Please don’t get me wrong — I’m not hanging around with these people to get referred. It’s not until after I’ve spent quite a bit of time with them that I realize they are referring machines.  I simply have drawn this conclusion: People who like to refer others tend to be far more outgoing and engaging than those that don’t.

Not only are these people outgoing and engaging, they tend to find themselves in conversations and relationships with others who are also engaging.  This is where the referring machine then kicks into gear, because you have many highly engaged people who are very comfortable referring each other to others.

End result? The person doing the engaging is jazzed by being able to refer others. In so doing, they become even more engaging and outgoing, which puts them in contact with others. The referring machine keeps moving forward at an ever increasing speed.  

The point is that genuinely increasing your conversation and engagement skills is good for not only you, but also everyone around you.   Who are you referring?  Who could you refer?  What’s keeping you from doing it? 

Give your sales motivation a boost today and build upon your skills to be engaging.

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