Avoid the Urge to Discount by Using Your Pipeline to Give You Confidence

sales motivationThe urge to cut your price to close a sale is something we all face, and for many salespeople, it’s almost a daily occurrence.

There are a number of ways to decrease the temptation to cut your price and one very effective way is by having a full pipeline.

When the sales funnel or pipeline is full, it’s amazing how much more confident we are when meeting with customers.   Suddenly the urge to do something stupid just to close a sale is not nearly as strong.

An easy way to help you control this urge is by always carrying with you a list of all of the customers/sales prospects that are in your pipeline.  Use the list as motivation just before you get on the phone or walk into see a customer.

Knowing you have the potential for more business can give you just the dose of confidence you’re looking for.

Never allow yourself to go anywhere without that list.

Now some of you might be reading this and be saying, “That’s fine but I don’t have much of anything in my pipeline, so that’s not going to help me.”

The answer here is to make sure you always have with a list of the next 20 prospects you’re going to call on.  These might be people you haven’t called before but intend to call in the next week or two.   Objective here is you see this list of names that you know you will be able to turn into customers with your selling skills.

What I’m talking about here is the art of leveraging what you already have to give yourself even more confidence to do what you know you’re capable of doing.

Confidence is a powerful sales tool, especially when used to help avoid giving a customer a lower price when it’s not necessary.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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1 thought on “Avoid the Urge to Discount by Using Your Pipeline to Give You Confidence”

  1. Hi Mark,
    Do you think there is a difference in using this tactic if the sales agent is working freelance? Discounting can be tempting especially when just starting out and there is no steady wage coming in.

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