I admit I can be the master of jumping from one project to another. On the one hand, I’ve always said that is a strength of mine. On the other hand, it can be a real downfall.

When we jump from one idea, project or client to another, we easily can lose focus. On the surface there may not appear to be anything wrong with this, but the problem arises when we are no longer on our game.

Studies consistently show one of the things salespeople struggle most with is prospecting.  Salespeople are notorious for coming up with any reason they can as to why they don’t have time to prospect, especially if it requires cold or even warm-calling.  This then becomes a problem with sales motivation.  When we make up excuses as to why we don’t have to do something that we simply don’t want to do, it begins to chip away at our confidence and our sales motivation.

Consistency is really good, as boring as it may seem (and to me, it is boring!). The simple reason consistency is good is it keeps us on task doing those things we need to be doing. For most salespeople, the task they most need to be doing is prospecting.

One way you can help yourself in this manner is by having a partner who challenges you on your level of consistency. Runners know this too well. For many runners, the only way they can prepare for a marathon is by training with another person.  The fact they have somebody to whom they are accountable keeps them consistent.   Same thing is true in sales and in particular with those things you may not want to spend time doing.

If you don’t have a peer who can be your accountability partner, then be accountable to your calendar and your watch.  Set yourself very specific goals you must achieve each day at a certain time.  Do not allow yourself any exceptions. Zero!  Once you start allowing yourself even one exception, you’ll make another and then another and so on.

So you tell me… are you consistent? Your sales motivation knows if you are.

Copyright 2011, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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