Think about this for a moment.

Could your job be replaced by an app?

Go ahead and laugh, but think about it seriously and the thought may just begin to scare you.

In the last several years, we’ve seen thousands of long-standing industries and jobs get wiped out by technology and an app.


There is nothing sacred with regards to where an aspiring tech won’t go.  Name the task and there is a techie somewhere working to disrupt it.

Keep this thought in mind as you assess what you do in your job.  If what you do is nothing more than a task or the processing of basic information, you have every reason to be concerned.

If, on the other hand, your job entails critical thinking and judgement calls, then maybe (and I’m serious when I say “maybe”) you don’t have to worry…yet.

I’m writing this because in my role as a consultant, I deal with many  companies and leadership teams, and it’s amazing what I see.

If we’re not continually challenging ourselves to assess the value of what we provide to those we serve, we will become irrelevant.

The problem I see is we become comfortable — we feel we’re safe, when in reality, we’re only safe because we’re failing to look at what lies ahead.

Putting your head in the sand doesn’t mean there aren’t any issues. It just means you’re not willing to see them.

At the end of the day, your job — regardless of what you do — is a contest of creating value.   Your output — the value you create — must be greater than your cost.  If your value is not exceeding your cost, you’re expendable.

With regard to an app, if the cost of the app is cheaper than your cost, you’re at risk for one simple reason — the delta between value gained and cost will grow.

This means the real question you need to be asking yourself is this: “What do I need to do to increase the quality of critical thinking I can bring to those you serve?”

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